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Pile-Up Crash In Hingham Caused By Distracted Driving, Police Say

HINGHAM (CBS) -- Police say distracted driving appears to be the cause of a three-car crash in Hingham on Thursday afternoon. Pictures from the scene show one car on top of another car's hood.

It happened on Route 228 near High Street.

According to police, the first car was stopped in traffic when the middle car hit the first car in a low-impact crash. Then a third car struck the middle car at a higher speed and went underneath it. The crash also pushed the middle car into the first again.

hinghamcrash (1)
Hingham Police said distracted driving may have been the cause of this crash on Thursday (Photo Via Hingham Police)

Three people were left with non-life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, everyone in the cars was wearing seatbelts, police said.

Officers believe the crash was caused by a driver not paying attention or distracted driving.

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