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Hingham, Hull residents seeing brown, discolored water in homes

Brown water flowing from faucets in Hull, Hingham
Brown water flowing from faucets in Hull, Hingham 01:51

HULL - During the hottest week of the year, clean and clear water has been hard to come by in Hull and Hingham.

"I actually brushed my teeth this morning with bottled water which I haven't done in a very long time. That was interesting!" one woman said.

Overuse during the heat wave impacted water flow from the treatment plant. The change in hydraulics stirred up sediment at the bottom of pipes, sending brown water to bathtubs, kitchen sinks, and washing machines across the region.

Hull brown water
Discolored water in a Hull bathtub. Jennifer Talbot

"The water company has been working as fast as they can to clear it up. The fire department, DPW, all department agencies they're working together to have a resolution. Somebody's got to carry the burden, we've got to fix it," said Hull Fire Chief Chris Russo.

Fire department distributing cases of water

With help from MEMA, Hull Fire secured 900 cases of water to give out to neighbors, who appreciated the effort as everyone deals with the inconvenience.

"I have trust in them. They're the experts. They'll figure it out. They're providing us with water we need right now. Hopefully it doesn't last much longer," a neighbor added.

Water system crews continue to strategically flush hydrants to remove the bulk of the discolored water from the water mains.

Hull firefighters will again distribute cases of water Saturday morning starting at 9.

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