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Hingham Teacher Apologizes For Tweets About Pride Month

BOSTON (CBS) - A Hingham teacher has apologized for what some are calling a homophobic tweet.

The Hingham High School gym teacher came under scrutiny after posting a series of tweets airing his frustration with the Red Sox celebrating Pride Month.

In response to the tweet from the Red Sox about the unveiling of a rainbow logo on the pitcher's mound and other Pride Month festivities, the teacher posted: "Rainbow uniform day is coming. I can feel it. Are we celebrating this every day for the month of June? Can't wait to see what we celebrate next. Can we just play ball please? Enough."

hingham tweet

Another tweet from the teacher said: "Not necessary. Nothing to be proud of here Red Sox. We don't need rainbows on the pitchers mound.. what's next rainbow uniforms? Rainbow home plate? Rainbow monster?"

hingham tweet 2

Though he has since put his account on private and deleted the tweets, they immediately triggered backlash in the community.

Hingham High sophomore, Devan Kushnir was among those who took issue with the tweet. "At first when I saw it, I immediately knew that I had to respond to it," Kushnir said. "A member of the school staff shouldn't be targeting these minorities like that."

The School Superintendent Dorothy H. Galo issued a statement saying, "Certainly, I join HHS Principal Swanson in his disappointment about the lapse in judgement by a respected teacher who used social media to vent some personal frustrations."

The teacher, who has been at the school since 2012, apologized to the school and the community.

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