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Hillary Clinton Promotes New Memoir In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Hillary Clinton appeared at the Boston Opera House Tuesday night to promote her new memoir. She touched on many topics including her failed run at the White House and President Trump.

She was on friendly turf, surrounded by supporters promoting her new book about the election fittingly titled: "What Happened".

Glimpses into her inner psyche were combined with anti-Trump jabs.

"When people ask me, 'Well how are you doing?' I say 'As a person I'm OK, but as an American I'm pretty concerned!'" Clinton said.

"In the past I've often felt like I had to be careful in public, keep my guard up, well those days are over!"

So even though she may never be commander-in-chief, she's bucking for the title of Trump-critic-in-chief.

"So I'm gonna do everything I can going forward, not as a candidate, but as an active citizen, to speak out and I am not going anywhere except right into the middle of the debate about of our future."

Clinton did not have the last word during the last presidential election. That belonged to Donald Trump. But this event proved that no matter what her future is, she will be heard from.

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