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Herman Cain Suggests Tea Party Disappointment With Sen. Brown

TAMPA (CBS) - Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown's distance from the Republican party has become a point of contention for a number of movement conservatives, some of whom sank money and time into his upset win in 2010.

One-time GOP presidential frontrunner Herman Cain told WBZ-TV on Tuesday that there are plenty of Tea Party members who are unhappy with Sen. Brown's tenure in office.

They see Sen. Brown's arms-length stance as emblematic of his performance in office.

"Scott Brown won because he got a lot of Tea Party support. But then when he got to Washington, he did some things that represent what we call RINO votes - Republican in name only. And that hurt him," Cain said. "I was disappointed in some of the votes that he made when he got there."

Sen. Brown is keeping a very low profile at the GOP National Convention this week, assuming he shows up at all. He revealed last week that he turned down an invitation to speak at the convention, and will only be there for one day to hear Mitt Romney accept the nomination.

And even that appearance may not happen, according to a report in the Boston Herald. Brown reportedly said on Monday that Hurricane Isaac could keep him away.

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