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Herb Chambers Donates Truck To Marathon Bombing Hero

BOSTON (CBS) --- One of the heroes of the Boston Marathon bombings got a big thank you from a local car dealership.

Herb Chambers
Herb Chambers donates a truck to Boston Marathon bombing hero Carlos Arrendondo. (Credit: WBZ's Mark Katic)

Carlos Arredondo, the man in the cowboy hat who helped save Jeff Bauman got a brand new Toyota Tacoma, Tuesday morning.

An online campaign started in July after supporters heard Arredondo's truck was in need of repairs that outweighed the cost of the vehicle.

A month later, 181 people had donated more than $6,000 and car dealership owner Herb Chambers had heard about it.

"This is really an important thing for us today," Chambers said. "We were right at the marathon. We were first hand to see the experience and how petrified and frightened everyone was, including me. To see you do what you did is something that rocked me. You truly are a hero"

Chambers said he is proud to say Arredono is driving one of his trucks.

"Boston loves you, this country loves you," Chambers told Arredondo. "You did something that I absolutely could never do. I respect you so much for it. Thanks from my company and me to you."

Chambers presented the truck to Arredondo as a thank you for his bravery.

The money raised from the online campaign will go to Arredondo to help pay insurance and registration costs on the new truck.

Arredondo and his wife will also use the money to raise awareness of fallen veterans and suicide prevention, he said.

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