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Ukrainian Native In Jamaica Plain Funnels Supplies To Soldiers In His Homeland

BOSTON (CBS) - Myron Kravchuck spends almost every waking hour networking on his phone to find needed supplies for his homeland such as helmets, bulletproof vests and even drones for Ukrainian soldiers in his homeland.

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"Trying to connect people, trying to connect supplies and the logistical chain." His base is Christ the King Ukrainian Church in Jamaica Plain, but it's an international volunteer network that's helping Ukrainian forces. As for his family in western Ukraine, including his mother Ira, it's a constant worry as well.

"I'm worried a lot. No one knows what will happen. But the Ukrainian army ... we are super happy to have such heroes," Kravchuck said.

Nadia Lubchenko, of Brookline, said she can't sleep and has panic attacks as she tries to communicate with her family in the port city of Odessa. She shares pictures of her cousins who have set up a bunker in the basement of their home. It's where they flee and wait upon hearing the daily sirens.

"Right now, there are several warships around our port. The possibility is serious they will at least try to invade the city." She said her family members won't leave, and Lubchenko worries they are underestimating the danger. "Sometimes, they have no electricity and can't call because they can't charge their phone; sometimes, they tell me they can't talk now, we have to go down to the basement."

Myron Kravchuck's mother only says her city is preparing, and he is making sure they have help. "The whole world is seeing how the Ukrainian army is fighting. They are inspired and we need action and support."

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