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Hello Love!

BOSTON (CBS) - Who still believes in the notion of love at first sight? I do---emphatically.

I fell hard before ever encountering her. The first photograph sealed the deal. What a glorious, incredible sensation it is, one that those of you of a certain age know quite well.

It took a few days and a trek of several hundred miles for me to finally meet her, to take her in my arms and whisper sweet nothings. The anticipation of merely holding her sent an exhilarating wave of energy through this aging body of mine. When we finally laid eyes on each other, my heart flipped and went fast into meltdown mode. I did all of the talking as you might expect. She needn't do anything more than just be. We're talking about a heaven sent gift leading easily to total unconditional love. Wow…

Becoming a grandfather for the first time is cooler than the experts attest. My daughter, my little girl now in her late twenties and her wonderfully devoted husband (my other son) brought into the world a healthy, beautiful child whose very presence elicits teardrops of joy, the best kind. She has brought us all together in celebration. I am smitten. Is it obvious?

Welcome to my world darling Wendy Elle. The fact that you were born on my late wife's birthday and that you're named for her is all the proof I need that heaven exists. Believe me, your grandmother in spirit is as happy and excited as can be. No doubt she is boasting about you to everyone over there.

Being a grandfather, as I'm now delightfully discovering, is everything I've heard about and more. I plan on doing all the things that I'm required to do with this gig---doting, sharing, teaching and most definitely spoiling my little princess. It's my chance to relive the fun of having a baby around without losing too much sleep or having to change an inordinate amount of diapers. That remains the primary task of her new mommy and daddy. I'm down with that, a nice fringe benefit that comes with sore knees, graying temples and AARP membership.

Has my life perspective changed now that my new sweetheart is here and I can cuddle, coo and take her hand? Not really. I've always been an optimist with faith in our Universe that things will work out. What sweet baby Elle has done so effortlessly is reaffirm that faith. Fellow grandparents, I suspect you know the feeling.

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