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New HeatRisk tool monitors impact rising temperatures have on health

CDC launches tool to monitor heat risk
CDC launches tool to monitor heat risk 01:03

BOSTON – The CDC is keeping a close eye on the impact that rising heat is having on our health.

In partnership with the National Weather Service, the CDC has launched a HeatRisk Tool which provides a seven-day heat forecast nationwide to tell you when temperatures may reach levels that could harm your health. 

What does the HeatRisk tool do?

Levels of HeatRisk are represented by a number and a corresponding color scale, from 0 to 4 and from green to magenta. 

For example, at level 0 or green, heat levels pose little to no risk. At level 4 or magenta, heat poses extreme risk to individuals as well as health systems and heat-sensitive industries. 

The tool will also provide information on local air quality and provide guidance for clinicians to help protect people most at risk of heat-related illness such as pregnant women, children with asthma, and people with cardiovascular disease.   

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