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UMass Student Hayden Ginnetti Seriously Injured While Swimming On Nantucket

BOSTON (CBS) - Sitting at Mass General Hospital in Boston Monday, the mind of a Marlborough mother raced. Amie Girard was waiting for the medical helicopter carrying her Hayden.

"Such a great brother and son and friend. He is loved by so so many," Girard said.

The 21-year-old UMass Amherst student had been on Nantucket - just away for the weekend with two buddies.

"They had gone to the beach and he was running into the shore and dove. I believe there was a sandbar because of the storm that had been there the previous day. His friends, I can't thank them enough for getting him out and to safety as quickly as they did," the mother said.

Two surgeries later, Hayden is still in a lot of pain - physically and emotionally. But he's awake and alert, and he's still their Hayden.

Hayden Ginnetti
Hayden Ginnetti (Family photo)

"He is currently still struggling with not having sensation in certain areas of his body," Girard said. "A pretty emotional roller coaster in terms of what may or may not lay ahead for him."

Hayden is a longtime athlete. He knows what it takes to be tough. And behind this fighter, is quite the community rallying with him. His parents, three adoring brothers, many Marlborough neighbors and friends from home and school.

"It's been heartwarming to see how many people care for this kid. We feel blessed he has all this love. I believe that will give him strength to figure out what he has to do in the coming weeks and months," she added.

No matter what their journey holds, this is a nightmare for any parent - seeing your child in pain and afraid like this. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Hayden Ginnetti and his family.

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