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Haverhill Police Park Armored Surveillance Truck In Front Of Home After Complaints

HAVERHILL (CBS) - It's almost as big as a tank but Haverhill police called it a "nuisance abatement vehicle."

A former military vehicle, the armored truck was bought by the police department to bring a sense of calm to neighborhoods. It is equipped with multiple surveillance cameras that can be viewed remotely at the police station.

Haverhill truck
Haverhill Police's "nuisance abatement vehicle." (WBZ-TV)

The truck was parked outside of 12 Lexington Avenue for five days. The reason? Residents have complained for years about loud parties going all night at that home but this past week Haverhill Police say they received more than a dozen calls about that residence.

At least one person living there is known to police. Ian Kessel, 20, was charged with armed robbery last year. Last Friday when the police truck showed up, neighbors say he ran out the back door. That story was confirmed by police.

Haverhill Police
Haverhill Police's "nuisance abatement vehicle." (WBZ-TV)

On Monday, Kessel was arrested in Naples, Florida for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. He was formerly under house arrest at 12 Lexington Ave.

Neighbors told us it was very quiet after the police truck arrived.

Haverhill Police told us they would not hesitate to send the vehicle back if problems start up there again.


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