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Man Crawls Through Bedroom Window, Threatens 8-Year-Old Girl

HAVERHILL (CBS) – An 8-year-old Haverhill girl said she feared for her life when she was woken up early Sunday morning to an intruder crawling through her bedroom window.

"Well, he was pretty scary. He had a black bandanna around his head and he had a little jacket," said Ayla Cedeno.

Ayla told WBZ-TV the man climbed into her bed and put his hand over her mouth.

Haverhill suspect
Haverhill break-in suspect (WBZ-TV)

"He threatened me that he was going to kill me," she said.

The suspect escaped the way he came in, through the window, when Ayla began crying. Her mother, Joyce Cedeno, told WBZ-TV that it's every parent's worst nightmare.

"You don't threaten a kid. That's someone who really doesn't give two craps at this point," Joyce said.

Ayla Cedeno
Ayla Cedeno (WBZ-TV)

Haverhill Police want you to take a good look at surveillance photos of the man they believe to be the intruder. He's seen wearing a hood and a mask that matches Ayla's description of the suspect.

As police continue to search for the intruder, Ayla says she won't rest peacefully until he's arrested.

"I wish you would get captured," she says.


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