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I-Team: NH And MA Lawmakers Want To Know Why System Didn't Protect Harmony Montgomery

BOSTON (CBS) - Photos of missing 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery are posted all over New Hampshire. She was last seen two years ago and appears to have fallen through the cracks in two states.

In a Zoom interview, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu told WBZ-TV the system failed, no doubt about that.

Sununu believes Harmony is still alive. "Look I'm a dad. I'm angry. You see, this should have never happened. I hold out a lot of hope we can bring her home safe."

Governor Sununu directed most of his anger to the Massachusetts judge who turned Harmony over to her father without New Hampshire officials first doing a home visit. Sununu said, "This child should have never been placed with Adam Montgomery. He's a monster; he's violent he's had multiple arrests. Why would a judge make that decision, and why would he cut the mother out and not share the information knowing he was likely not living in Massachusetts? It's very odd."

On Tuesday, Sununu sent a letter to Massachusetts' highest court demanding it turn over all of its files in the case.

Governor Baker wants answers, too, and says an investigation is underway. "I do share his concerns. I think we should let the Office of the Child Advocate do her job. She's a very talented, experienced person who will have access to information that is not available to many of the rest of us, and she has no dog in this hunt. This is 100% an independent review, and I want to see the results of that review as much as Governor Sununu."

Sununu told the I-Team that the state is conducting its own review of its handling of the case and that he will find and fix any holes in the system.

Police have received hundreds of tips and searched the New Hampshire home where Harmony was living with her father and stepmother, but so far, there have been no signs of the little girl.

Harmony's father is charged with assaulting her and child endangerment. Her stepmother faces charges involving state payments for Harmony. Both are being held in jail, but neither is charged in connection with her disappearance.

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