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With hard seltzer in decline, Boston Beer Company giving Truly brand a 'refresh'

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In: canned cocktails / Out: hard seltzer 01:56

BOSTON - The hard seltzer craze is letting up, and that's forcing a local maker of the once-trendy alcoholic beverage to pivot. Boston Beer Company announced this week it is giving its 7-year-old Truly brand a "refresh" in order to keep up with changing consumer tastes.

"Truly helped establish hard seltzer as we know it today, but we recognize the segment is evolving for the drinker of tomorrow," Boston Beer Company CEO Dave Burwick said in a statement. "As hard seltzer enters the post-hype era, we are strategically investing in new marketing and packaging to keep Truly top of mind and remind drinkers why they came to the category in the first place."

The Samuel Adams parent company said in its recent release of fourth quarter financial results that "hard seltzer remains in decline," but they're hoping changes to the Truly brand can turn things around.

One change shoppers might notice is in the packaging. Truly says it wants to "shout from the rooftops" that it has 30 seltzers made with real fruit juice. Seltzer cases will have bolder messaging to sell the drinks as "now more refreshing" and "made with real fruit juice."

The new packaging for Truly seltzer Boston Beer Company

In another sign that fewer consumers are seeking seltzer, the company is relaunching its Truly Vodka Seltzer, just introduced last fall, with a "bar-call-inspired name" - Truly Vodka Soda. It will also start selling single-serve 24-ounce resealable cans for the first time.

And while Boston Beer Company said its Twisted Tea product is seeing "industry-leading double-digit-growth," the Truly Iced Tea packs are being discontinued and replaced with "lightly flavored" limited-releases. 

"With the right tools in place, we're confident in a Truly turnaround and share gains in the back half of the year," Burwick said.

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