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Police Looking For Information After Hanson Grandmother 'Vanished' Weeks Ago

HANSON (CBS) -- Hanson Police are asking for information from the public about a missing woman last seen almost three weeks ago. Sandra Crispo is 54-years-old; she recently moved to Hanson from Quincy.

"She's probably the happiest I've ever seen her. She made a room for the boys. She decorated it. She loved having them over. Every day she would look forward to her grandchildren," said Crispo's daughter, Laina McMahon.

Beside McMahon and her husband, Crispo is a primary caregiver for her three grandsons.

Sandra Crispo. (Family Courtesy Photo)

"It was very hard telling my five-year-old [that] Granny isn't around right now," McMahon added.

Crispo was driven home by a relative while her car was in the shop on Wednesday, August 7. Her daughter called but couldn't get in touch with her that Thursday. She found her home empty Friday.

"I pulled up to her house. We looked in her front window and all the lights were on. The dog had been there, he didn't have any food, didn't have any water. The back door was unlocked and there was no sign of her," she said.

Crispo does not have a cell phone or computer. Her daughter said she has no health issues and is single.

"I know bad things happen to good people and at this point, I feel like something bad happened to her. She essentially vanished."

Investigators have done multiple searches of the area near Sandra Crispo's home. The family fears someone may have hurt her. If you think you saw her call Hanson police 781-293-4625.


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