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3-Year-Old NH Boy Helps Save Elderly Neighbor Trapped In Basement For Days

HAMPTON, N.H. (CBS) - Police officers are crediting a three-year-old boy for saving his elderly neighbor from a dangerous situation.

On Wednesday afternoon, Eyas Tran was walking with his moms Minh and Lindsey when he noticed a newspaper on his neighbor's doorstep. Minh said he likes to bring the paper to Peggy, who lives alone next door. "We consider her family," said Minh Tran.

When Eyas got to her door, though, he noticed a few other newspapers. "There was one, two, three newspapers," Eyas said.

His parents knew something was wrong when Peggy didn't answer the door or her phone, and her car was in the garage. That's when they called the police.

Eyas Tran
Eyas Tran (WBZ-TV)

When officers arrived, they found Peggy in her basement. She had somehow locked herself down there, and had been trapped for three days. Deputy Police Chief David Hobbs said, "it was just one of those freak accidents where the door closed behind her, and she was stuck downstairs."

She was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but is expected to be OK. Police say if it wasn't for little Eyas, who will be four in July, who knows how long his favorite neighbor may have been down there.

"We truly thank this young boy for his actions in alerting his mother," said Deputy Chief Hobbs. "We just want to say to everybody else, be more like Eyas. Check on your neighbors. Look after each other."

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