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Racial Slur Brings Early End To Hamilton-Wenham High School Prom

WENHAM (CBS) – The Hamilton-Wenham High School prom was ended early last week after "one or more students" yelled a racial slur while students were on the dance floor.

Superintendent of Schools Eric Tracy addressed the incident, which took place Friday during the junior prom, in a letter to families.

"While the music was playing and students were dancing, one or more students yelled the N-word. This racial slur was heard by a number of our students and was very upsetting to them," Tracy wrote.

Immediately after the incident, Principal Bryan Menegoni addressed at students and ended the prom.

Tracy said there is "some considerable deflection" happening on social media, with some blaming the DJ who played the music or the administration for approving the song. The superintendent said all music played during prom was "radio appropriate."

"Our students need to hear that what happened was wrong and that as a community we need to stand together against hurtful and racist language. At the same time, we will take the necessary steps to determine who spoke this hateful word and apply appropriate disciplinary action," Memegoni wrote to students after the incident. "I want to acknowledge that this word is hateful, hurtful, and shameful, and has no place anywhere in our school community. I am upset and disappointed that even one of our students would ever use this word in any context."

The school is figuring out the appropriate punishment for the students and is planning on having a speaker come to the school so students can learn from this experience.

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