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Halifax Kennel Under Quarantine After Parvovirus Outbreak

HALIFAX (CBS) - Tarawoods Kennel is quarantined after eight puppies and two adult dogs died from Parvovirus.

Jennifer Collins purchased a puppy from the kennel, which specializes in breeding German Shepherds last month.

After visiting her puppy every few days, the dog died.

"This was going to be my little boy. So, obviously, I'm heartbroken," said Collins.

Parvovirus is a highly contagious intestinal disease that only affects dogs. The disease is spread by contact with an infected dog's feces and symptoms include diarrhea and intense vomiting.

All dogs should receive vaccination against Parvovirus.

"That distemper vaccine that they get includes actually five different viruses including Parvovirus so that's a big one that we want to make sure that puppies especially and other dogs get vaccinated for," said Dr. Michelle Belvin from Pembroke Animal Hospital.

Although the kennel sanitized their facility, they will remain under quarantine for at least another week.

"It's being very carefully monitored sanitation wise and vaccination wise, monitored by the local vet and the state department of agriculture," said the Halifax Health Agent, Cathy Drinan.

The infection does not affect humans but owners are urged to vaccinate their dogs, especially before the summer.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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