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Gunner Olszewski's Pregame Wardrobe Choice Was Incredible For Thursday Night Football

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Normally when the Patriots play, we spend some time talking about the clothes that Cam Newton wore to the stadium. Typically, he's dressed head to toe in flashy custom-made clothing -- outfits that look like they cost thousands upon thousands of dollars and quite a bit of prep time to procure and plan.

This week, though, we're talking about something a little bit different.

This week ... we're talking about Gunner Olszewski.

The 24-year-old Texan showed up to work Thursday night coming off the best performance of his young NFL career. And rather than getting dolled up to cheese for the cameras, Olszewski ... showed up in an undershirt.

Like ... a 3-for-$10 pack of plain white tank top undershirts.


It doesn't even look like a new undershirt. That thing's lived some life. Been through some spin cycles. Might have a tear or two that we cannot see, as well.

Olszewski's wardrobe choice -- or lack thereof -- is far from a surprise. He showed off his personal sense of style last year ...

... and then again this past summer ...

...  and that type of lifestyle isn't going to change after one big game against the Chargers. (That might actually be the same exact shirt, come to think of it.)

Nevertheless, with the Patriots on in prime time against the Rams, and with more eyes than ever focused in on him, Gunner went with what's comfortable. In a world where so many people pretend to be something they aren't, you can't help but respect it.

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