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Local Gun Store Owners Say Firearm Sales Have Increased Before Election

MIDDLEBORO (CBS) - Ed Brophy, the owner of Brophy's Fine Firearms in Middleboro, has been staying up late, trying to keep his gun store stocked.

He says he is selling more guns and ammunition than ever.

Why? Brophy believes it is the nervous mood of people right now.

"There's a lot of protesting going on, and speaking out of rights, and when people are in fear, they look to say, 'Hey, police cannot be everywhere at once,'" said Brophy. "They would like a piece of their own protection."

Down the road in Middleboro, it's the same story at a store called The Gunrunner. There are empty shelves where handguns used to be.

At The Gunrunner, owner John Costa is predicting civil unrest if the Second Amendment is jeopardized.

"They are afraid, and they are buying whatever they can," Costa said. "They're spending all kinds of money on shotguns."

Costa believes the political climate is driving gun sales.

"Nervous is not the word," said Costa. "They are scared."

At M&M Plimoth Bay Outfitters, the store is running out of ammunition and some weapons.

"After the election, we'll see things settle down a little bit," said Peter Tache of M&M Plimoth Bay Outfitters. "As soon as the frenzy goes away, the supply will come back."

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