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Gresh & Zo's 'No Huddle': NFL Combine Edition

BOSTON (CBS) - The unofficial countdown to the NFL Draft kicks off this week as the combine is underway at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Gresh, Zo and Hardy brought back the No Huddle for a special Combine Edition.

1.) The guys started off with audio from Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin addressing the media about the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin saga.

Philbin said, "some of the facts, the behavior, the language that was outlined in the report is inappropriate and it's unacceptable." Philbin stressed that there will be an obvious change in the atmosphere of the locker room as well as how the organization looks at bullying.

Philbin also said that, "The majority of things I did not know about when they were going on." However, he took full responsibility and promised, "we're going to have a better workplace."

Gresh followed up the audio with an emphatic, "clearly he's at fault."

2.) Rex Ryan was also up at the podium yesterday. He talked about drafting and how the New York Jet's organization does a good job of, "staying true to the board."

They have had a recent run of success of drafting defensive linemen such as Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson. Ryan wrapped up with a line that both Gresh and Zo agreed on, "when in doubt, take the best player."

The guys have a mutual respect for Ryan and while they like Ryan as a coach, don't get it twisted, they are not fans of the New York Jets.

3.) Steve Keim, Arizona Cardinals GM was asked about the Larry Fitzgerald trade rumors that involved the New England Patriots.

Keim joked with the media, saying he heard the rumors on the radio while driving into work and was looking for someone to fire because nobody told him about the rumors.

Needless to say, any possibility of Fitzgerald donning a New England Patriots jersey this upcoming season was nothing but a rumor.

4.) The guys ended the No Huddle segment with audio of Warren Sapp and Gerald McCoy at the unveiling of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers new helmet. Sapp and McCoy provided a less than impressive description of the helmets.

Hardy added his two cents, "looks just like the old one."

Listen to the link below for all the audio, including Sapp and McCoy hooting and hollering:

No Huddle: Combine Edition


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