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Gresh & Zo: Stadium Series Diluting Uniqueness Of NHL's Outdoor Games

BOSTON (CBS) - The NHL has a good thing going with the Winter Classic, why do they have to ruin it?

The Winter Classic only just began six years ago, but is already one of the most unique spectacles in all of sports.

Pond hockey is a rite of passage for those of us who grew up in cold weather climates, so when the NHL introduced the annual New Year's Day game in 2008, it likened us back to our youth and revealed the game of hockey in its truest form.

However, too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing.

To recover money lost during last year's lockout, the NHL trotted out in 2014 the Stadium Series and the Heritage Classic, which brought five other outdoor games to fans in various cities. That's six outdoor games in total, not to mention all the college hockey games being played outdoors.

Andy Gresh, Scott Zolak and Jon Wallach discussed this disturbing trend Monday morning.

"When you have a great idea, don't ruin it and over-saturate it. Unfortunately, that's what the National Hockey League is doing. They played a game in 80 degree weather in Dodger Stadium over the weekend. The Winter Classic is so cool, and now you're diluting it by having the Stadium Series," said Gresh.

Wallach could see the NHL having two outdoor games every year, but having six is just too much, saying, "Give the Canadians their game, we'll have ours and that's it."

Scott Zolak speaks two languages: English and football - so when this topic was brought up he made a very relevant comparison to his former sport.

"The college football bowl games used to be appointment viewing. You knew it was smack dab in the middle of New Year's Day, and that's what's cool about the Winter Classic now and seeing those venues. But to see that yesterday? I love football, but I hate Thursday Night Football. The NFL got that wrong. The NHL is diluting the product," concluded Zo.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Stadium Series Diluting Uniqueness Of NHL's Outdoor Games


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