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Gresh & Zo On The Alex Rodriguez Suspension

Major League Baseball suspended New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for 211 games on Monday, one of the 13 suspensions the league gave out stemming from the latest PED scandal.

Gresh and Hardy, who's in for Zolak, discuss the Biogenesis suspensions finally becoming official yesterday, and whether it should be considered a good day or a bad day for baseball.

The guys touch on the fact that every player suspended--with the exception of Alex Rodriguez--has accepted their suspension, and will not appeal. Will A-Rod's appeal hold up or will he still face some kind of suspension?

Gresh & Zo On Alex Rodriguez Suspension

Gresh and Zolak hit on why Alex Rodriguez received a suspension so much longer than any of the other players, including Ryan Braun. The guys wonder why these suspensions were levied without any positive tests.

Gresh & Zo: Inconsistencies on Suspensions

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