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Gresh & Zo: Recchi On The Cup Win & Thoughts On This Year's Team

The Bruins are on a six game win streak after getting off to a slow start.

Former Boston Bruins winger and three-time Stanley Cup Champion Mark Recchi joined Gresh & Zo in studio to talk about the Cup win, his plans for the future and what he thinks of the Bruins this year.

It had been 39 years since the Cup came to Boston, and the city celebrated with a huge parade through the streets. Had Recchi ever seen a city react to a Stanley Cup win like that before?

"I can't compare it to anything. It was incredible, just the support throughout the years I was here, the two and a half years, it was amazing to start with and then to be able to win it and see the reaction," Recchi said.

At what point during the run last year did Recchi think they could or we are going to win?

"At the start of the playoffs I really thought we had an unbelievable opportunity, and when we got through Philadelphia as easily as we did I knew we were right there," said Recchi. "I had a great feeling we were going to the Finals and figured it was going to be Vancouver and I had no problems. We played Vancouver late in the season and it was a good game, but I had no doubts that if it came down to a seven game series, we would the team that would be the champion."

"In 22 years they are the most arrogant team I played against and the most hated team I've ever played against," Recchi said of the Canucks. "I couldn't believe their antics; they're falling and diving. It was very frustrating, but at the same time as the series wore on we knew we were getting to them and we knew our physical play and our skating, I think it caught them off guard a little bit."

When this team started off to the bad start going 3-7 in the first month of the season people started to blame the Stanley Cup hangover. Having played two seasons after winning the Cup, Recchi explains what it's like to play that season after winning a championship.

"My first one it was tough...There was definitely a hangover. Like you said you're young, the Bruins had a lot of young guys and hey, it's to be expected. In '06 I found it a lot easier, how to get ready and how to prepare and making sure I was ready for the season. But these guys have done a wonderful job," the former Bruin said.

Listen to Recchi as he discusses his plans for retirement, and takes calls from the fans!

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