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Gresh & Zo: Jon Heyman, 'Aceves Should Be Cut Now'

Zo and Flynn were joined by Jon Heyman Tuesday afternoon to discuss some baseball.

Heyman started off passionately stating that Alfredo Aceves should be released by the Red Sox right now.

Aceves was involved in a brawl that broke out in the ninth inning Saturday of Canada's 10-3 romp over Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. Should the Sox release him because of his involvement. Heyman thinks he should be released, but for many other reasons.

Also, what's the deal with David Oritz? What option do the Red Sox have at the DH position? Could Jackie Bradley be part of the opening day roster?

Plus, how bad of shape are the Yankees in?

Gresh & Zo: Jon Heyman, 'Aceves Should Be Cut Now'

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