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Gresh & Flynn: Patriots Overcome Poor Play Calling In Chargers Win

BOSTON (CBS) - The best part about football analysis is second guessing all the questionable calls and decisions from the game, and for the Patriots' latest victory -- a 23-14 effort in San Diego -- there were plenty.

Aside from the Devin McCourty interception return for a touchdown that was called back on a phantom helmet-to-helmet hit by Brandon Browner, the sequence getting the most attention this morning from Patriots fans is the team's opening offensive drive.

New England started on their own 7-yard line, and after losing two yards on his first carry LeGarrette Blount picked up gainers of three, 11, 11 (reception), six, nine, three and nine.

Blount had 39 yards on seven carries. It was clear the Chargers couldn't stop the bruising back, and New England was positioned to score six on the Chargers 1-yard line.

After an incomplete pass to James Develin on second down and a Melvin Ingram sack of Tom Brady on third, New England had to settle for a field goal, leaving many frustrated, including Andy Gresh.

98.5 The Sports Hub's Andy Gresh and Mike Flynn spent part of Monday's show talking about the questionable play calls.

"I thought [offensive coordinator] Josh McDaniels was complicit in throwing the offense off-kilter. In the first drive it was noticeable; the Patriots were able to lean on that defensive line of San Diego and they were running the ball very well. You get the ball inside the five yard line and you stop running it? You were in rhythm, you had the offensive line rolling at that point and then you've just pulled the rug from right out underneath of them," said Gresh.

"I look at that first quarter, and I look at Josh -- [running] was working, so why go away from it? I know you script the first 15 plays, but you've got to be able to adjust on the fly with what you're seeing."

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