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Great Day 4 A Parade

RedSoxEighty-six years without a championship followed by 3 World Series Titles in 10 years! I knew some very faithful Red Sox fans who passed on and, sadly, never saw a victory so we are all incredibly lucky to be witnessing the success of many of the Boston sports teams over the past decade. It is SWEET! The 2004 Rolling Rally on Saturday, October 30th was attended by 3.2 million people cheering on the team in a spitting light rain and mist. The 2007 Rolling Rally on Tuesday, October 30th took place under 99% of the possible sunshine with a high temperature of 63 degrees. Similarly, today's celebration will be taking place in high temperatures of 62-64 underneath varying amounts of cloudiness and sunshine with, thankfully, barely a breeze. How about that for timing? Yesterday's blustery conditions featured gusts to 45-55 mph in the morning which caused showers of leaves and produced some spotty power outages and mostly minor tree damage. Additionally, a plume of light rain has blossomed up over Cape Cod this morning but most of that wet weather will exit that region later this morning and, fortunately, it will move out to sea well south of Boston.

2013_Model Satrad 72hrAfter yesterday's nice warm and even humid weather with highs of 68-74, reality sets in tomorrow as much colder air rules. It will be flowing out of Canada following the passage of a cold front late tonight or early tomorrow. There is some support for a few showers during that time period as an upper level trough of low pressure streams through. Temperatures will drop off to the lower to middle 40s late tonight and only rise a few degrees tomorrow to the middle to upper 40s. A damp morning will transition into a drier but chilly afternoon despite the return of some sunshine. The north-northwesterly wind will be brisk with some gusts to 20-25 mph. A zone of strong high pressure will be building toward New England tomorrow and will be poised right over the region late Monday through Tuesday. Initially, a northeasterly breeze could steer some low clouds in from the ocean over southeastern MA and Cape Cod for a while on Monday before the ridge drops in later in the day. Bright unlimited sunshine will exist elsewhere and it will be widespread in New England on Tuesday. Despite that, it will only warm up to the lower to middle 40s on Monday and upper 40s to near 50 on Tuesday. Clear, calm conditions will deliver radiational cooling to the 20s for 2 or 3 nights.

EuroFridayLooking ahead, once the ridge of high pressure shifts southeastward to the south of New England, milder air will be steered into the Northeast bumping afternoon temperatures on Wednesday to near 60. The next weather maker in the form of an approaching cold front will create a shaft of showery weather arriving from west to east on Thursday. Presently, it appears that as the front nears the eastern seaboard, a storm will be generated so, hopefully, this potential will be realized and we will receive a much more beneficial rain Thursday night into Friday morning. This will be much appreciated following the past 3 dry months climaxed by the 3"+ deficit of October.

If any new data warrants a change in the this prognosis, I will post an update this evening. Otherwise, Todd Gutner will publish his thoughts tomorrow morning.


We had the latest sunrise of the year this morning at 7:19 am. Tomorrow morning, it rises at 6:20 am thanks to the return of Eastern Standard Time. I remind you to turn your clocks back 1 hour tonight. Fall back 1 hour is also a good time to place fresh batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. By the way, the sun will rise later each day until January 4 when it comes up at 7:14 am.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

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