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Maine High School Cancels Student Dances, Blames 'Culture Of Grinding'

GORHAM, Maine (CBS) -- A high school principal in Maine says he's canceling school dances because students' dance moves have become too risqué.

Gorham High School Principal Chris Record has sent a letter to parents, saying that school dances are now "plagued by the culture of grinding."

"It is by no means the students' fault, but the dancing they have witnessed on MTV/VHS/movies involves primarily only sexually suggestive grinding," Record writes.

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Record explains to parents exactly what grinding entails, and says it's making dance chaperones uncomfortable. He also says younger students have complained about being pressured to participate in grinding.

Last year, most students walked out of a homecoming dance after being reminded that grinding was prohibited, Record says. He says the students were invited on a local radio station to talk about grinding.

Prom will still go on because "it is a classier event," Record writes.

In Massachusetts, Hopkinton High School decided to ban school dances last year due to dirty dancing.

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