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Boston searched for pickleball, cheap gas on Google in 2022

Pickleball gains popularity across U.S.
Pickleball gains popularity across the country 08:16

BOSTON - What was Boston searching for in 2022?

Google recently released its report on the "Year In Search." And it revealed many in the Boston area wanted to try out an up-and-coming sport.

Boston was the only city other than Philadelphia to have pickleball as a top trending "near me" search, Google said.

CBS News reports that nearly 5 million people are now playing pickleball, which has been the fastest growing sport in America over the past four years. Doctors are also seeing a surge in pickleball-related injuries, and warn older players that the stop-and-start motions can be tough on the joints. 

Boston was also looking to save money before driving to a pickleball destination. Google says residents looked up "gas prices near me" at twice the rate they were searching in 2021. 

According to AAA, the average cost of gas in Massachusetts has fallen to $3.38 per gallon - the exact same as it was one year ago at this time.  

Below are the Top 10 trending "near me" searching in Boston for 2022, per Google. Click here for the full search report.

  1. gas prices near me
  2. cheapest gas near me
  3. oil prices near me
  4. prom dresses near me
  5. pickleball near me
  6. cheap gas near me
  7. pilates near me
  8. estate sales near me
  9. movies playing near me
  10. concerts near me
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