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'So Disrespectful': Woman Finds Goat Head, Picture On Her Car

HYDE PARK (CBS) – A woman found a grisly sight on her car in Hyde Park Tuesday morning.

She told police she was walking her dog on Garfield Avenue when she saw a severed goat head on the hood and a photo of herself under a windshield wiper.

"What they did -- it was wrong. It was so wrong. It was so disrespectful," said the woman who owns the car.  She told WBZ-TV she can't think of why anyone would do such a thing.

goat head left on car
The goat head was left on this car's hood in Hyde Park, May 29, 2018. (Photo credit: Christina Hager - WBZ-TV)

Neighbors were also in absolute shock. Deirdre Buckmire said, "That is really scary, that is really bizarre and scary."

When the woman first got to her car, she initially thought the goat head was a toy or a joke. "When I saw the picture, I said 'that's a joke.' Then I looked again and I said 'no, it's not funny anymore' because, at the end of the day, that was so disrespectful."

She drove straight to the Hyde Park police station with the animal head on her car to turn it over to police. Animal control took the head and officers searched the area for more evidence. They're also looking for surveillance video in the neighborhood.

Anyone with information is asked to call Boston Police.

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