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Gloucester Lobstermen Prepare For Hurricane Irene

GLOUCESTER (CBS) - Hurricane Irene could cause major damage to homes and the economy in Gloucester.

Gloucester residents still talk about The Perfect Storm back in the 90's, but no one is quite sure what Irene is going to bring.

People in the fishing industry and those who live along the water are preparing for the absolute worst.

"It's certainly going to get rough, and that could impact the whole lobster industry, the gill netters, everyone. It's not good for us at all," said Tom Ring, a lobsterman.

WBZ-TV's New Hampshire Bureau Chief Lauren Leamancyzk reports.

Irene will keep the lobstermen on shore for days. The storm could also cost them money by ruining equipment. Most were working on Thursday to bring traps further out into the ocean.

"If I lose gear, it could cost me $40,000," said David Jewell, a lobsterman. "I don't want to take that chance."

Homeowners along the coast are deciding whether to ride the storm out or move inland.

"When you see this water start to hit the wall, that gets a little bit frightening," said Kathy Granahan, a homeowner.

Granahan's dream house sits on land where another home was demolished by The Perfect Storm. She hopes this home is built to last.

"Two years to build and with any luck it'll be worth the two years and it will stand," said Granahan.

With three days to go until the storm, it's still unclear exactly where Irene will hit. Gloucester's mayor said officials are holding meetings and preparing for an all-hands-on-deck response on Sunday.

City leaders also advised residents to prepare and make plans sooner rather than later.

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