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Gloucester To Sell Beach Day Passes Online To Prevent 'Traffic Nightmare'

GLOUCESTER (CBS) - Your trip to the beach this summer might require more planning than you're used to. Starting next month, Gloucester will sell beach passes online for non-residents looking to enjoy the city's beaches this summer.

Day passes have typically been sold at the entrance to beach parking lots but that will not be an option this season.

"Beach season is always a traffic nightmare," said Gloucester Mayor Greg Verga.

He said the change will help residents and non-residents alike.

"We are trying to streamline it to make a more enjoyable visit for them, as well as make things better for the locals," said Verga. "If you are a visitor that has been driving on the highway for an hour or more to come here and you are basically rolling the dice. It's not a good feeling, I am sure."

Visitors will need to buy day passes online. Mayor Verga said they will be sold through the town's website.

Verga said passes will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. Those who get a pass will be sent a QR code that they show to beach staff when pulling in.

At $30 apiece, the price for a day pass has not changed, however there are no refunds for bad weather.

Verga said passes will not be sold at the gate. Resident beach passes will not be impacted by this online reservation change.

People who live in Gloucester tell WBZ-TV they support the move.

"I am really pleased they recognize they have an overcrowding situation," said Frank Dagostino. "But I also believe that everyone has a right to go to beaches along our coast, so I think regulating it gives everyone a shot at it."


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