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Girl's Artwork Brightens The Days Of Patients At Boston Children's Hospital

BOSTON (CBS) - The gift of a young girl's special artwork is brightening the days of children at Boston Children's Hospital. A 12-year-old from Haverhill was inspired to display some of her watercolors at Children's Hospital. And that gift has led to a new friendship.

Mackenzie Casto is visiting Diane Langguth who is at Boston Children's Hospital waiting for a liver transplant.

"I've been here for 47 days," 11-year-old Diane says.

It was Mackenzie's vibrant watercolors of animals that brought the two together. In fact, Mackenzie did the paintings, now hanging in Children's Hospital, as a way to help other kids.


Children's Painting
Mackenzie Casto's watercolor paintings have brought joy to many patients at Boston Children's Hospital. (WBZ-TV)

"When I do this artwork it'll make the kids happy and could take their minds off what they're going through," Mackenzie explains.

Especially kids like Diane who are here for the long haul. She admired some of the paintings and Mackenzie decided to let her pick one.

"So I chose the fox because I like foxes and we can see them at our house," says Diane. The fox painting now proudly sits in her hospital room.

Children's Painting
Mackenzie Casto and Diane Lagg bonded over their love for art. (WBZ-TV)

"It actually makes me smile because I love art," Diane adds.

The two have become fast friends.

"It means a lot to be friends with her because what she's going through, she's so strong, and it's amazing to have a friend like that," Mackenzie says.

"It's actually great fun being friends with her because we both like art. We like to paint," Diane adds.

Children's Paintings
Painting together has made the girls fast friends. (WBZ-TV)

They do that a lot. Sometimes in the hospital, other times through FaceTime.

"It makes my day because it could change her feelings about what she's going through, and it could maybe take her mind off what she's going through," Mackenzie says.

Some of Mackenzie's watercolors will soon be part of Children's Hospital's permanent art collection so kids and families can enjoy them for a long time.

This is also "Donate Life" month. There's a need for more organ donors to help people like Diane.

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