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It Happens Here: Giant Gorilla Greens In Woburn Now A Popular Microgreen Home Delivery Service

WOBURN (CBS) - Woburn was originally an agricultural community. It quickly became the heart of the rubber industry, when Charles Goodyear discovered the vulcanization process back in 1839. During the Civil War, demand for shoe leather boosted the industry and by 1865 there were 21 tanning and currying businesses all over the city.

Today, zero remain.

But thanks a young woman who was raised 7,000 miles away in India, Woburn is getting back to its agricultural roots.

For Smitha Das, the steps are almost the same, from laying down the dirt and planting the seeds to the germination and the cultivation.

"So what the germination tent does, is it's a super humid room and we usually monitor the humidity," Das told WBZ-TV.

Fast forward a few days and there is green growing in this indoor, vertical garden.

It's the growing center of Giant Gorilla Greens, a microgreen home delivery service, started by Das and her husband during the pandemic.

"This is nutrient dense food and we are in the middle of a health crisis and people probably will benefit from eating it and our neighbors loved it," she said.

Microgreens are micro versions of regular fruits and veggies, meaning they are harvested super early, but as a result, they are super healthy, sometimes packing 40 times more nutrients.

It's why Das, who has multiple sclerosis, started growing her own microgreens at home. But then word got out.

"We realized there are a lot people out there like us, who are also managing say a chronic condition or they're recovering from a prolonged illness and they know that they can nourish body through food," she told WBZ.

So her backyard garden exploded into a 500 square foot indoor farm, pumping out 4,000 pounds of greens a month.

There is basil and radish, pea shoots and sunflower, all picked within two weeks and packed full of good stuff.

Not only is it better for you, it actually tastes better, too.

"At the microgreen stage, the flavors are very mellow and easy to eat. The kale is not bitter. The broccoli is all very mellow," Das said.

On bread or as a salad, or even sneaking it into a smoothie, getting your dose of super greens has never been tastier.

"My four-year-old, he loves this," Das said.

You can order Giant Gorilla Greens on line at or at several local stores, including New England Country Mart and Market 2day.

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