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Giant clown heads are now hanging over an alley in downtown Boston

Giant floating clown heads appear in downtown Boston
Giant floating clown heads appear in downtown Boston 02:31

BOSTON - Let's be honest, it takes a lot to stop Bostonians in their tracks. We tend to walk with a purpose around here. There is, however, something tucked away in an alley in the city's Downtown Crossing that is causing people to crane their neck and pull out their phones. 

"Well, it is definitely surprising and something that catches my eye," says Cheri Hill of Boston. 

Kim Lucas works in the area and said, "It really makes you stop, like literally in my tracks." 

Two floating clown heads just off Washington Street. At first, you see one of their red noses before the entirety reveals itself as you step closer. Creepy or not? That depends on who you ask. 

Despite some online theories, the clowns are in fact supposed to be here. The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District commissioned the art installation as part of its larger WINTERACTIVE art experience. Downtown Boston BID has been working to revamp the Downtown Crossing area since the pandemic and hope this series of installations will bring more people to the area. 

Endgame art installation by Max Streicher in Boston's Downtown Crossing Boston clown heads

"We wanted yet another reason for people to visit downtown, especially in the Winter," said Michael Nichols with the Downtown Boston BID. "It is usually a little quieter in the wintertime. I think us Bostonians need to get out and walk through our city a little more in those months." 

The clowns, formally known as "Endgame," is the work of Max Streicher and was brought to Boston with the curatorial partner EXMURO. The artwork was on display in cities in Canada before heading here and is made of recycled highway billboard canvas. 

There will be 16 total installations as a part of the WINTERACTIVE program. For those with a fear of clowns, not all of them will be hanging clown faces. 

"I think that's a great idea," said Hill. "These installations would probably bring in people, or at least give them something fun to enjoy while they're downtown." 

"I actually really like it," said Cathy Dahill of Boston. "I mean I think it could look creepy, but it will definitely bring attention." 

The Downtown Boston BID said the art will all be installed by January 17 and will be on display through April 14, the weekend of the Boston Marathon.  

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