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2 Charged With Robbing Marlboro Home Of Hospitalized Veteran

BOSTON (CBS) -- Marlboro police say they have arrested two thieves, captured on surveillance video, who targeted the home of a hospitalized Vietnam veteran.

According to police, 35-year-old Joseph Migliaccio, of Woonsocket, and 31-year-old Sarah Hampton, of Sudbury, burglarized the home three times over the weekend. They broke into the house, in broad daylight, authorities say, while the veteran, Gene Rano, is fighting for his life in the hospital.

Surveillance video shows two people entering a Marlboro home and retrieving a TV (Courtesy of Reno Family)

"You could see it, the whole house had been ransacked. I mean all the drawers were open throughout the kitchen, cabinet doors were open, there was wires all over the place. They went through the whole house," said Nick Rano, the veteran's son.

His 68-year-old father remains hospitalized, recovering from severe burns he sustained in a brush fire earlier this month.

"He's currently at Mass. General right now fighting for his life. Each day is just one step that we keep praying and hope that he wakes up," Rano said.

Nick's father did have surveillance cameras outside the home. The images helped police track down Migliaccio, who they say can be seen kicking in the back door and walking out with a laptop and a TV.

Police said Hampton was also caught on camera walking out with several items, including a vacuum and money.

Joseph Migliaccio and Sarah Hampton (Photo Courtesy: Marlboro Police)

"These are people that he actually helped at one point, lending them money, you know, and then they came back to prey on someone in his situation. It's just disgusting," Rano said.

Most of the items were recovered at a nearby pawnshop in Framingham.

Migliaccio and Hampton were released Wednesday on $1,000 bail. They are scheduled to be arraigned on one felony charge of breaking and entering in the daytime each Thursday.

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