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Is Gen-Z aging faster than other generations?

Are Gen-Zers aging faster than other generations?
Are Gen-Zers aging faster than other generations? 01:35

BOSTON -  Members of Gen-Z believe they are aging faster than other generations, but is that true?

Gen-Z are people between the ages of 12 and 27, and social media "influencers" are constantly posting about their concerns over wrinkles and frown lines and encouraging young people, even as young as 12, to purchase anti-aging products or undergo procedures like Botox injections. 

This has led many young people to believe that their skin is aging more rapidly than their predecessors.  But according to WebMD, dermatologists say that is just not true.  

They say the two things that accelerate skin aging are the sun and smoking, which younger generations tend to shy away from compared to older generations.  

But when you see influencers on social media with picture-perfect skin touting skincare products, young people develop an unrealistic expectation of how their skin should look.  

Skincare experts warn that getting Botox or using anti-aging creams too early can cause unwanted side effects and that vaping and e-cigarettes, which Gen-Zers gravitate toward, can also cause premature aging.

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