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Garoppolo's Nameplate Changed To 'Prince Aladdin' Inside Patriots Locker Room

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a whole new world for Jimmy Garoppolo inside the Patriots locker room on Friday.

Following their Thursday night win over the New York Jets, the Patriots were in a pretty good mood. So they decided to have a little fun with the rookie quarterback.

Someone changed Garoppolo's nameplate to "Prince Aladdin" in time for Friday's media availability. It makes sense, as the rookie does share a striking resemblance to the famous Disney character.

No one took credit for the prank, but wide receiver Julian Edelman said it wasn't him.

"I'm not that smart," he said, referring to his teammates as a bunch of jokesters. "I guess that's what happens after a win."

So it had to be Tom Brady, right?

Though he may be a rookie subject to some light hazing, Garoppolo did say he'd get his revenge at some point. Maybe he'll use one of his three wishes to do so, just as long as he saves his last one to free the genie.


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