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Garbage Can Found On Statue Of Virgin Mary At Dorchester Church

BOSTON (CBS) -- A trash can was found on top of a Blessed Virgin Mary statue in Dorchester on two separate occasions last week. The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is asking police to investigate the incidents as a hate crime.

It happened at Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish in the overnight hours between July 11 and July 12 and again before the morning of July 16. Trash was also dumped on the property.

A trash can over the Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary at Saint Teresa of Calcutta parish in Dorchester (Photo Via Catholic Action League of Massachusetts)

One mile away, the Blessed Virgin Mary statue was set on fire outside the Saint Peter's Parish church on July 11.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle said in a statement: "It is becoming increasingly clear that these crimes can no longer be treated as a collection of random incidents perpetrated in isolation by disturbed individuals. The number, timing and frequency of these attacks strongly suggest that Catholic churches and religious iconography are being deliberately targeted for culturecide by the same left wing extremists who are committing mayhem against public monuments across the country. "

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