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Game Of Jones: Would You Rather Have McCutchen Or Posey?

BOSTON (CBS) - It was another "Would You Rather Wednesday" on the Game of Jones!

98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones was given the following choices by Rich Keefe. Play along below:

- Who would you rather have: Andy Dalton or Alex Smith?

"I'd rather have Dalton. I don't think he's great, but he was a second round pick who has made the playoffs every year -- with the Bengals!" said Jones. "He's not an elite quarterback, or a great quarterback, but I'd take him over Smith."

- If you're starting an MLB team from scratch, would you rather: Andrew McCutchen or Buster Posey?

"I think you have to go McCutchen, because he's on much more of an island more than Posey," said Jones. "Posey has an unbelievable rotation and other parts that have helped him win World Series. I love Posey because he's a big game player and has been on winning teams, but I'd rather have McCutchen. He's a little more versatile and everything he adds to the team and he really carried his team to the playoffs the last couple of years -- you have to respect that."

- Would you rather a one-game playoff or three-game series in MLB Wild Card?

"I think I'm good with the one game. I get that three games is more fair... but we're still talking about a wild card team that barely got into the playoffs," said Jones.

- If Red Sox made Wild Card game, would you rather Clay Buchholz or another starter on the mound?

"I think you go Buchholz, which is frightening," said Jones. "Who else are you going with, Joe Kelly? Anthony Ranaudo? Rubby De La Rosa? I guess it's Clay Buchholz, but do I feel good about it? God no."

- Would you rather: Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin?

"Louis, come on. Marge isn't bringing much to the table. Louis is a little more risque," said Jones. "I just picture Marge aging into her sisters."

Tune in to The Adam Jones Show weeknights on 98.5 The Sports Hub from 6-11 p.m.!


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