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Game Of Jones: Would You Rather Fight Rex Or Rob Ryan?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a "Would You Rather" Wednesday on The Adam Jones Show's Game of Jones, and Jones had some tough decisions to make:

Who would you rather John Farrell overuse -- Drew Pomeranz or Craig Kimbrel?

"Drew Pomeranz. At some point [Farrell is] going to throw someone's arm off. At some point he's going to overwork his guys and get someone hurt. While you could make the argument that if you overuse Kimbrel he's actually really good and you get something out of him; he wins you games. But I think he, like every pitcher on earth, is a ticking time bomb. John Farrell is set out to destroy a couple of them seemingly every year. So who would I rather have him destroy? I guess Drew Pomeranz."

Who would you rather have run for political office: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

"I don't think either of them are going to win -- I hope to God neither of the win. So I'd rather see Peyton Manning go out there and stumble with all the issues, give me material to make fun of him, as opposed to Brady -- which I'd still do if Brady runs for political office. But I'd rather have Manning embarrass himself. So Peyton Manning, go ahead, you can run for political office."

Who would you rather fight: Rob or Rex Ryan?

"I think you have to go with Rex. Rob seems like he has a screw loose, and what is he even doing right now? Rex Ryan has a job, working for ESPN. Rex Ryan has a little more to lose, so maybe he'd take it easier on me while he's pummeling me. Rob Ryan, I don't think he has anything to lose and on top of that, he has a screw loose."

Would you rather spend $1,000 at a bar or at a strip club?

"I think you'd rather spend it at a bar. A strip club, I don't think that's where you want to drop a grand. You're mostly buying booze at a strip club. Or, most of what you're getting out of a strip club is booze, at the end of the day. Maybe some nice chatter and time wasted.

"I feel like you're a little more efficient -- a little more -- when it comes to an actual bar. That's getting your money's worth."

Would you rather be known for hitting four homers in a game or throwing a perfect game?

"Not even close: four home runs in a game. Have you seen that list? I would rather be a four-homer hitter in a singular game; I had an unbelievable game where I took this guy deep, that guy deep and I did it fcour different times.

"They're both unbelievable and very limited, but less guys have hit four homers in a game. ... I'm an offense guy over pitching anyways. You get a little more glory for the four home runs."

Listen to the full segment below:

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