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Game of Jones Over/Under: $100 Million For Rondo?

BOSTON (CBS) — It was an over/under Tuesday on The Adam Jones Show's "Game of Jones."

In this edition, Jones and Rich Keefe go Over/Under with the following topics:

- Average annual value of Avery Bradley's next contract - $7 million

"I would have said under pretty emphatically before I saw the Jodie Meeks deal. Jodie Meeks is getting $6.5 annual average value. He's a nice shooter, and I know Detroit is trying to surround Andre Drummond with shooters, but my goodness, $6.5 million for Meeks?

"That means Avery Bradley is getting over that number; he's younger and a much more well-rounded player," said Jones. "I don't know if he gets it from the Celtics, but he's getting over $7 million if Jodie Meeks got $6.5 million."

- Points per game for Marcus Smart this year - 11 ppg

"If Rondo is gone and maybe Avery Bradley is gone, Smart is going to play. If he's playing he should score at least 11 points per game," said Jones. "If you're getting a lot of run and a lot of playing time, 11 ppg is not an unattainable number. I think he's going to play a lot of minutes if Rondo and Bradley aren't here."

- Cedric Maxwell says Rajon Rondo wants $100 million for his next contract. Total value of Rajon Rondos next deal - $99.9 million

"I think over, and I definitely don't think he gets it from the Celtics," said Jones. "He wants to be a max-level player, and there have been questionable guys as max-level players before. Rondo fits that bill, and he's going to get it."

- How many of the remaining eight World Cup games will you watch at least half of? - 4.5 games

"I'm going to say over. I dont know how many I'll see on July 4, but I think I'll be sitting down watching a bunch of them... I'll watch a good chunk of five or six of these games."

- Games played by Mookie Betts in the majors this year - 50 games

"Over, because I think he says (in the majors)," said Jones. "I think he'll be here the rest of the year and will play pretty much every day. He's here to stay, and he's not going to sit."

Listen to the full segment and play along below:

Game Of Jones Over/Under


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