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'We Are Not The Smartest Kid On Our Cosmic Block,' Harvard Professor Launches New Search For Extraterrestrial Life

BOSTON (CBS) - A new hunt for extraterrestrial life is being launched. The Galileo Project is the brainchild of Harvard University professor Avi Loeb. He hopes to prove that we have had many extraterrestrial visitors to our solar system.

Loeb, who said that an interstellar object spotted in our solar system back in 2017 was an alien creation, now wants to look for more.

On Monday, he announced the launch of the project which will use a network of cameras and telescopes as well as new algorithms to search for mysterious objects.

"In tens of billions of other systems within the Milky Way Galaxy, we can no longer ignore the possibility, that technological civilizations predated us, and that we are not the smartest kid on our cosmic block," Loeb said.

Loeb says the 2017 object that entered our solar system and passed by earth was the first interstellar visitor we've seen, but won't be the last.

The project is being funded by donations and Loeb says if funding allows, he will set up telescopes across the globe to scan for the objects.

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