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Seals Beat The Heat At New England Aquarium

BOSTON (CBS) -- As the city broke a temperature record, some of Boston's furriest residents had to go to extra lengths to keep from overheating.

The New England Aquarium said their fur seals have the second-thickest coat in the animal kingdom, so keeping them cool was a priority Thursday.

new england aquarium fur seals keep cool
A northern fur seal chills out in an ice bath at the New England Aquarium. (New England Aquarium)

Ursula, along with youngsters Luna, Kitovi, and Chi, spent the morning taking ice baths in a small pool.

Good, Cold Fun with the Fur Seals by New England Aquarium on YouTube

The aquarium said they also had fun digging through piles of ice cubes for treats and eating frozen "fish-icles."

new england aquarium fur seals keep cool
The seals played "hide-in-the-ice-and-seek" with treats. (New England Aquarium)

They described the three young seals as "cute, curious and a tad mischievous."

The New England Aquarium is one of just a handful of places in the country where you can see fur seals. They have less blubber than local harbor seals, and are second to only sea otters in terms of fur coat density. 

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