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Some fun facts on where Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci stand in Bruins history

David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron returning to Bruins
David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron returning to Bruins 00:45

BOSTON -- Monday was a fun day for the Boston Bruins, who re-signed captain Patrice Bergeron and longtime alternate captain David Krejci to one-year deals.

Whether these signings actually lift the Bruins to a level where they can go on a deeper playoff run than last year's first-round exit is up for debate. What's not in question is the fact that the team solidified its top two lines with two experienced/skilled/tough centermen. Provided health is not a major issue, and provided new coach Jim Montgomery is fit for the job, the forthcoming season ought to be an entertaining one, and the team should be headed to the playoffs for the seventh straight year.

Also not in question are the places of both Bergeron and Krejci in Bruins history. Bergeron was drafted by the Bruins way back in 2003. Krejci was selected a year later. Bergeron debuted in the NHL as an 18-year-old in 2003, while Krejci showed up in 2007. The two have logged a lot of minutes on the ice for the Bruins, the only NHL home for both players.

With that in mind, here's where both players currently stand on some key all-time lists in Bruins franchise history.

Games Played

Patrice Bergeron: Third, 1,216
David Krejci: Seventh, 962

Naturally, playing so long for one team gets you right up the leaderboard in this category. Bergeron is pretty solidly stuck at No. 3, as he's 220 games behind Johnny Bucyk. But Krejci could be moving up as high as fifth this year, as he's 61 games behind Zdeno Chara and 65 games behind Wayne Cashman. If he wants to move into the top four, he'll need to sign another deal with Don Sweeney ... who happens to sit at fourth all time with 1,052 games played. 


Patrice Bergeron: Fourth, 400
David Krejci: Seventeenth, 215

Bergeron won't be retiring with that nice round number of 400, but he will almost certainly be climbing into the top three goal scorers in Bruins history. He's just two goals behind Rick Middleton, so he should reach that third spot in short order. (He's 59 goals behind Phil Esposito for second all time, so he probably will be staying put at No. 3 for a while.) While Krejci is obviously more of a playmaker than a goal scorer, he can move up the list this year. He's four goals behind Keith Crowder, 14 behind Dit Clapper and 15 behind Don Marcotte. Krejci has topped 15 goals eight times in his career.


Patrice Bergeron: Fourth, 582
David Krejci: Seventh, 515

Bergeron would need to have one of the highest assist totals of his career in order to register 42 assists to tie with a certain Robert Gordon Orr at No. 3 on the all-time list. But Krejci is more certain to rise in the ranks, as he's one assist behind Wayne Cashman and 38 behind Phil Esposito. Krejci has recorded 39 or more assists six times in his career, most recently in 2018-19. He also had 36 assists in 51 games in 2020-21, his last NHL season before heading to the Czech Republic.


Patrice Bergeron: Fourth, 982
David Krejci: Ninth, 730

Bergeron is set to move into the top three, as he's 30 points behind Phil Esposito. A good season for Krejci will get him past Wayne Cashman, who has 63 more points than Krejci. Getting that next spot will be difficult, as it's currently occupied by Brad Marchand, who's set to rise up some ranks himself once he returns to the ice following offseason hip surgeries.

Game-Winning Goals

Patrice Bergeron: Third, 74

The list reads Johnny Bucyk (88), Phil Esposito (77), Patrice Bergeron (74).

Power-Play Points

Patrice Bergeron: Fifth, 307
David Krejci: Ninth, 191

Bergeron should pass Bobby Orr, who ranks fourth with 310 power-play points. And Krejci should pass Adam Oates (191) and Cam Neely (200) as well.

Playoff Games Played

Patrice Bergeron: Second, 167
David Krejci: Third, 156

Bergeron can actually claim the top spot in this category if the Bruins go on a nice postseason run, as he's just 13 games behind Ray Bourque. It would take a run to the Cup Final for Krejci to pass Bourque.

Playoff Goals

Patrice Bergeron: Tied-second, 49
David Krejci: Sixth, 42

Bergeron will be battling it out with Brad Marchand to try to pass Cam Neely, who is the Bruins' all-time leader in playoff goals with 55 -- six more than Bergeron and Marchand. Can't you imagine an empty-net scenario where Marchand passes up his own goal to let Bergeron take the honors? Meanwhile, "Playoff Krejci" can climb up the list too, as he's three behind Rick Middleton, four behind Phil Esposito, and seven behind the Marchand-Bergeron duo.

Playoff Assists

David Krejci: Second, 82
Patrice Bergeron: Third, 78

The only potential shifting here would be a flip-flop of Bergeron and Krejci, as Ray Bourque has a comfortable lead with 125 playoff assists for the Bruins.

Playoff Points

Patrice Bergeron: Second, 127
David Krejci: Third, 124

Similarly, Ray Bourque has a comfortable lead here, with 34 more points than Bergeron and 37 more than Krejci. 

Playoff Plus-Minus

Patrice Bergeron: Second, +48

No statistic has lost its value more than plus-minus has in the last decade or so. But it earned a brief mention here solely for the fact that Bergeron is second only on the list to Bobby Orr (+60). Isn't that something?

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