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Friendly's Restaurants Now Serving Nor'Easter Pothole Sundaes

WILBRAHAM (CBS) – Friendly's restaurants are dishing out Nor'Easter Pothole ice cream sundaes, just in time for winter in New England.

The limited-edition dessert hit the menu on Monday.

"Complete with a delicious landslide of flat tire fudge, crème cookie gravel, and chocolate asphalt chips, the chocolate ice cream sundae at Friendly's is sure to make potholes a little sweeter," the Wilbraham-based chain said in a statement. "Finished with marshmallow snow pile topping and milk chocolate rubble, there's no better way to enjoy the cold weather."

friendly's nor'easter pothole sundae 2
The Nor'Easter Pothole Sundae. (Image credit: Friendly's)

Friendly's pothole ice cream hit stores last year, but now it's an option for those dining out as well.

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