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Fred Toucher, Michael Felger Try To Work Out Their Differences

BOSTON (CBS) -- Little did Toucher & Rich know that 98 Mile's rap battles were creating some real beef.

Fred Toucher apparently had no idea that Felger & Mazz host Michael Felger was not happy about the way Toucher & Rich reacted to his contributions to 98 Mile, which first happened in 2011. It came to a head in recent days when Felger aired his grievances about 98 Mile after his wife Sara Underwood secretly did a rap about him.

Toucher felt bad that Felger was angry over the whole thing and reached out to try and work out their differences. Eventually the "beef" spilled over to the air, as Felger called in to talk about the whole thing. Toucher tried to figure out what exactly was bothering Felger, who previously said on Felger & Mazz that he likes the 98 Mile bit, but doesn't enjoy "doing" the bit. Felger insisted he's not actually mad or carrying a grudge, while Toucher insisted he doesn't dislike Felger and doesn't want to create any further personal problems with a co-worker.

Eventually, Toucher gave up and hung up on Felger as they continued to argue in circles.

It seems like whatever issues (if any) that existed between Toucher and Felger were not resolved, but certainly neither of them want to settle this with more 98 Mile battle raps. Toucher is not interested in continuing with any "fake" radio arguments, either.

Listen above to try and figure out who's mad about what.

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