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Framingham State University Steps Up Patrols After Campus Assault

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) - Framingham State University is increasing security after a female student was assaulted on campus.

The school says two unknown men grabbed the student's arm and backpack on Monday night. She wasn't hurt.

University Police are reviewing surveillance video and adding more walking police patrols on campus. Investigators said the victim, who lives on campus, ran to her dormitory and reported the assault right away.

Students told WBZ-TV that they're concerned, since the reported assault occurred on a well-lit part of campus.

"I have a late class today. It's something I am fearful of, you know. I think I should carry something to protect me," said student Camryn D'Aloia.

The school is offering self-defense classes several times per semester for interested students.

In a letter to the university community, Framingham University State President F. Javier Cevallos advised students and staff to be mindful of their surroundings and to travel in pairs, especially at night. He also encouraged people to use the shuttle bus service on campus and to report all suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to police.

"We are fortunate to have a very safe community, and reports of incidents such as this are extremely rare," Cevallos said. "The fact remains, however, that we are an open and public university, so we cannot always know who is on our campus. Therefore, it's important to take safety measures, particularly at night."

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