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Framingham Man Arrested For Slamming Dog Against The Ground

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) -- A Framingham man faces charges after he was reportedly seen abusing his dog at the Mary Dennison Playground early Monday morning.

The woman who called 911 explained she could not tell what kind of animal the man was hurting, but she knew something wasn't right.

"He was swinging it around, and then slamming it, and then threw it into the woods," she said. "He's in the park."

Police say it was Aramis Ortiz, 20, who was swinging his pit bull, Chaos, around by the leash, and beating Chaos against the ground.

Then, Ortiz abandoned Chaos after the dog was thrown in the woods, according to a witness.

When Ortiz was first approached by police, he lied and said he did not have his dog with him. He later took that back and admitted that he was mad at his dog for urinating in the house.

Ortiz claimed he no longer wanted the dog.

Aramis Ortiz., 20, of Framingham is accused of brutally beating and then abandoning in dog at a playground. (Photo Courtesy of Framingham Police)

Police found Chaos hidden underneath some brush nearby with several face injuries. They said the pit bull appeared to be terrified.

Chaos is being treated at a local veternarian's office.

Ortiz was arraigned on Monday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports

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