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Framingham Football Coach Returns From Suspension Following Players' Blisters

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) -- Framingham high school football coach Gary Doherty is happy to be back with his coaches and his players after being suspended last week for a conditioning drill called the bear crawl that left some of his players with blisters on their hands.

"Every kid got medical attention and help. I've never seen anything like this before in 26 years of coaching," Doherty said.

When school officials heard about the injuries they decided to put the entire coaching staff on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

"We have a great principle and she was just trying to protect the kids. I trust her and I hope the parents appreciate it," Doherty said.

The drill took place on the upper artificial  turf field that's a bit worn out. The day they did the drill the temperature was hot but nothing like they haven't practiced in before.

While coach Doherty and his staff were suspended the players rallied behind their coach. They felt the entire situation was blown out of proportion and today the school concludes all the coaches can return back to practice.

"On behalf of the coaches I just want to say thank you," the coach told his players.

On Monday the team practice on the grass field and stayed off the turf club says he plans to use this experience as a teaching lesson.

"I think we should find out what is unsafe and have limited or no contact to practice on the field that day,"Doherty said.

"We are a family here at Framingham I were going to put it behind us and be a better football team", coach said.

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